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A dually certified CT teacher.

Post Baccalaureate Certification: Elementary Education k-6.

Masters of Science: Comprehensive Special Education k-12.

2008 Recipient of The Graduate Studies Achievement Award
in Special Education CT State University.

2007-2009 Served as a Special Education Advisory Team Member for Central CT
State University.

2013 Golden Apple Award

Other background info:

Research and interest in the efficacy of digital brain games for the enhancement ofworking memory and processing speed for students cognitive skill deficits.

B. S. Fine Art concentration in graphic design.

Parent of a multiply disabled young adult.




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Hello and Welcome to Spednology!

Allow me to introduce myself, and share with you why I endeavor to bring more advanced tools and forms to the field of special education. I am delighted that you have taken the opportunity to see what Spednology is all about. Thank you for your time!

Catherine A. Amodio

My name is Catherine and I work as a special education teacher. The students with whom I work, require specialized treatment services along with individualized intervention techniques. Etiology may be due to trauma, genetics or a variety of other causes which impair the students social, emotional and/or behavioral abilities. I am also the mother of a multiply disabled young woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury. In addition, I work with and have a personal understanding of those students and families that have required residential care and placement. Invariably, this makes educational team advocacy just that much more complicated for the student, parents, educational facility and outside providers alike.

Special needs students can be very challenging for all those who love them, or work with them. It is particularly important for families and the educational establishments that serve them to maintain good working relationships.

Over the years, I have found that my unique position allows me to understand both sides of the special education/family service equation. I understand the demands and frustrations of raising a child with special needs as well as advocating for their education.

As a special education teacher, I understand the concerns of all who work with special needs students: behavioral observation, individualized interventions, data collection, testing, development of goals and objectives, maintaining relationships with families and districts, to name but a few of the responsibilities. Serving the individual needs of many students and families can be challenging with the availability of just so many working hours each day.

Essentially for all team members involved, what ever the situation (and each special education situation is unique), there needs to be effective tools which allow parents and schools, or schools and residential facilities, or parents and schools and residential facilities (if all three are involved), the ability to communicate. All too often I have seen the breakdown of communication, morale, and progress, due to time constraints and ineffective tools. We have the technology-we need to put it to use in the field of special education.

"SPEDNOLOGY"- is very simply, Special Education (SPED) utilizing Technology (NOLOGY)!

If you are a special education teacher, inclusion teacher, administrator, or residential placement facility looking for ways to make your work load for yourself or your staff, a little lighter, faster, easier and more organized- you have come to the right place.

If you are a parent looking for answers, looking to aid your child's teacher so that together you can implement interventions or goals you would like to see your child accomplish, or you wish to use some techniques at home, or to document some behavioral evidence for your doctor, in order to aid diagnosis- you are in the right place.

There are many elements of this web site along with communication tools that are currently being developed, so please do stop back often to check on our progress!

We have recently updated many form with the iPad compatibility! As time allows, we continue to to update our website. If a form of interest to you does not specify iPad compatible please inquire at the contact us link.

All forms enable the user to "save as" and keep digital files as well as printed copies. Our variety of interactive digital forms provide flexible technology at its best! Please see our Shop Interactive Forms link.

In addition, we also work closely with special educators and all those working with special needs children in creating specialized custom forms.

Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions for new forms or would like a quote on a special project.


Catherine A. Amodio

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